About Us

The Episcopal Church of St. Andrew and St. Monica traces its origins back over 188 years.

We are the oldest and most historic building in Powelton Village section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In October 1865, a cornerstone was laid for a new church building at 3600 Baring Street.

By 1883, the Congregation had outgrown the church and this beautiful gothic architectural structure was built on the site. E. Spencer Miller, an active Parishioner, donated a punch bowl and silver ladle from his residence which is still used for various Parish events.

A merger in 1965 between St. Andrew and St. Monica empowered our church to be and remain one of the pilars of Powelton Village. We have weathered the storm of a fire and loss of members and emerged as a viable entity throughout the years; focusing on youth development and community service.

Welcome from The Reverend Samuel Adu-Andoh, Ph.D., Rector

We welcome all who come here seeking a relationship with God. And, we are delighted that God is sending you to us at St. Andrew and St. Monica.

We are a congregation that believes Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our lives. We gather to celebrate His presence among us, and grow into His likeness, as we joyfully carry His message of love, healing, and salvation to a broken and hurting world. We do these in outreach ministries to the communities around us.

We invite you to worship with us, and join us in the ministries of Christ’s Church. Please come and join us to celebrate life’s joys, but also its pains. But above all, the salvation that Christ gives us as His followers. We provide an enabling environment for both the young and the old, to grow deeper in faith and grace.

Mission Statement

“We gather in the name of Jesus Christ to worship the Almighty God" and develop spiritual training to nurture children, youth, young adults and families, and to proclaim the “Good News" of God in Christ.